9 Ways to Earn Money Online in 2022

The best thing these days is to have different sources of income without having to bet your money in a casino or invest large sums of money.

Earn Money Online

It is not easy to make money online. However, it’s worth a try. At first it will seem that the thing is not working but with a month of effort and dedication you will be able to see more interesting gains than those you have in your current job. And there are real ways to monetize all your actions, from watching videos, writing reviews, to walking. You only need a computer with a broadband internet connection to start making real and dollar profits.

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1. Sale of photos and videos

If you like to spend time taking photos or have a saved file that has never seen the light of day, this could be a good option. Many image banks offer the option to purchase photographs. It is a market that is always in demand, as many brands, companies and media are looking for images that adapt to their style and what they want to communicate. You can upload photos of all kinds. Landscapes, weddings, pets, technology, decoration, among many other categories. Some of the platforms where you can sell your images are Twenty 20, Fotolia, Adobe Stock, Getty Images, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, DepositPhotos, Snapwire, Scoopshot, Alamy, EyeEM or Clashot. They have different forms of operation and payment. In some clients can make changes, you can earn a fixed commission or receive between 30% and 70% of what the platform charges the end customer. You can also upload other types of audiovisual material, such as vectorized designs, illustrations or videos.

2. Payment for walking

There are currently three apps that allow you to earn money for walking while taking your dog for a walk or just commuting to work. On the one hand there is Sweatcoin, which works with a system of accumulation of points that can redeem in products and services or that can well save to start investing in bitcoins of all origins. It is worth noting that the application works through a gps so the steps that inside your house or on a treadmill do not count. In this line is also WeWard, which by walking can accumulate pennies, as well as Weight Loss Bet that allows you to accept challenges from races throughout the city in order to keep the user in shape. This last application allows you to place bets on how many kilometers you can do in a week. That is, you can bet 100 dollars that you meet the challenge to win 20% of it and in case of not fulfilling it you can lose all your money, then be careful what you want to bet.

3. Podcasts that make money

If there is something that has become fashionable in recent times it is podcasts. The appearance of streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music and pages dedicated to the distribution of this content such as iVoox or Spreaker, help this. For this reason, many people with knowledge in various areas, see podcasts as a good alternative to create content. So if you have knowledge in science, math, management, psychology, or Renaissance art, you can create your own podcast and put it on these platforms. The important thing is to monetize it. For that you can include a wedge, get sponsorships or advertise services from other people. The more plays, the better options you will have.

4. Answer surveys

Product Report Card is one of the most popular portals to make money online. Simply share your demographic information and complete surveys about cleaning products, groceries, or even cars or motorcycles. The company pays through PayPal. You can also try your luck on other similar sites like Survey Club and InboxDollars. The more surveys you answer, the more money you will make. Keep in mind that artificial intelligence notices if you mechanically answer the survey. Most of the pages have detectors that it is really you who are responding.

5. With stories of life

If the forte is writing, this could be the option to exploit. On the internet you can find many platforms where you can edit your own books and market them without having to send a manuscript to a publisher, wait for them to choose it and decide to publish it. Bubok, Amazon Kindle Direct Publisher (this one is specific to publishing e-books) or Lulu are some of them. Lulu is perfect for distributing the book in stores and managing your rights, while Bubok offers you a simple editing process. There are also platforms where you can make books by chapters such as Story Planner, Write or Die, Bamboo Paper or Wattpad, where successes such as the After saga, by the writer Anna Todd, were born.

6. Selling your knowledge

This might be a good option if you have any skills or knowledge that may be useful to other people. There are pages that allow you to create courses in the style of Coursera, but that focus on teaching another language, cooking, exercise, basic mathematics or whatever you can think of. There are numerous platforms to create and pay for your own courses, such as WEMOOC, Google Open Online Education or Blackboard. In them you can mount your lessons and accompany them with videos, readings or any other content that may be useful.

7. Having a community

Many projects are launched through this model. It’s about creating a community to sustain entrepreneurship. For this it is key that it offers a product, a service or content for which people are willing to pay money. One of the best-known platforms is Patreon. In it the sponsors allow him to live from what he does, as a kind of patronage. In return, the reward varies according to the money they contribute, accessing exclusive content and obtaining some physical products. A case of this is Shauntrack, a Spanish music youtuber, who analyzes and deconstructs songs. People who support him on his Patreon receive rewards, such as song tracks and material he makes his videos with.

8. Testing web pages and applications

Through tools like UserTesting you can test different websites around the world and receive up to $10 for comments and suggestions for changes. To this is added to answer questions from the developers and designers of the pages to understand how to make navigation faster and more intuitive. Developers pay more if you make comments on 20-minute videos in which you explain in your own words what needs to be changed to make them more effective in their jobs. You can earn more money if you make the comments in English.

9. Click on ads and pages on the Internet

To close this list of the different ways to make money online, there is clickworker.com in which you must complete a number of daily tasks such as visiting web pages for five minutes, clicking on various advertising ads and even watching videos. This page pays monthly for PayPal and is completely flexible to your schedules, so you can use it from your cell phone or computer. Whatever you prefer.