How Much Does it Cost to Stay in The Most Exclusive Lighthouses in The World?

If you like to travel to uncommon and not crowded places, hotels located in lighthouses may be a good option for you.


Usually, lighthouses are known as those structures that help ships locate where there is land and also where they are located. However, some of them now have new uses. Although it is not very common, some communities have chosen to reuse the lighthouses and turn them into hotels that offer a different stay for those who are interested in this type of experience. Diners brings you a list of some of the hotels in lighthouses around the world.

1. Faro Heceta Head, in the United States

It was originally built in 1894 on the coast of Oregon, United States.

Although it is still in operation and is considered one of the most important lighthouses on that side of the coast, the place has gone through several modifications. The space that was designated for the caretaker became the Heceta Lighthouse B&B, a hotel that has five rooms and promises the best view of the Pacific Ocean. Prices for the stay vary depending on the room and the season, but it is between 364 and 517 dollars per night, which would be between $ 1,610,681 and $ 2,287,699.

2. The Lighthouse of Start Point, United Kingdom

Located on top of a cliff, the Start Point Lighthouse was built in 1863 and, although it still functions to alert ships to the rocky terrain around it, its spaces have changed. Currently, the two cottages, which were built primarily for the people who worked there, were converted into an exclusive boutique hotel that welcomes up to six visitors.

The stay includes the option of breakfast on the balconies overlooking the sea, freshly baked bread and tea. Prices range from 761 pounds per night, which would be a little more than $3,800,000, to 1,167 pounds, about $5,950,000 for stays longer than five days.

3. Isle Au Haut Lighthouse, in the United States

Located on the coast of Maine is the lighthouse that illuminates the bay of Isle Au Haut. There, the house that was previously used by the watchman of the place, now became an ecological hotel. The Keepers House creates energy through solar panels and windmills.

At the moment, the hotel has two types of accommodation. The largest are two private cabins where lantern fuel was previously stored. The smaller options are three private rooms that are located in what used to be the caretaker’s main home. As for the prices, the accommodation handles the option of renting all available rooms for a total of $ 2500 a week, which would be around $ 11,062,375.

4. Faro Pot à l’Eau-de-vie, in Canada

This lighthouse was built in the nineteenth century and is located in Québec. Although it was abandoned for some time in 1964, by 1989 the necessary restorations were initiated to turn it into a small but cozy hotel. The accommodation has three rooms that accept up to two people maximum and no one under 10 years old.

The price per night in any of these accommodations is $320, which would be $1,415,980, and all rooms offer an incredible view of the Canadian coast.

5. Faro Lariño, in Spain

Located in the Faro de Lariño, Galicia, this is perhaps one of the most modern hotels to be found in a lighthouse. With a booking score of 9.9, this place offers nine rooms called Mist, Foam, Sunrise, Sky, Storm, Chopped Sea, Sunset and Night.

In addition, it has restaurant service, wifi and spectacular views from any of the accommodations. A night at this location costs from $440,000 to $880,000, depending on the room and the season you want to travel in.